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Asthma & Ozone Therapy

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Asthma & Ozone Therapy

Asthma is a chronic illness involving the respiratory system in which the airway occasionally constricts, becomes inflamed, and is lined with excessive amounts of mucus, often in response to one or more triggers.

These episodes may be triggered by: 

  • Exposure to an environmental stimulant (or allergen),
  • Cold air.
  • Warm air.
  • Moist air.
  • Exercise or exertion.
  • Emotional stress.
  • In children, the most common triggers are viral illnesses such as those that cause the common cold.

This airway narrowing causes symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. The airway constriction responds to broncho-dilators. Between episodes, most patients feel well but can have mild symptoms and they may remain short of breath after exercise for longer periods of time than the unaffected individual.

In some individuals asthma is characterized by chronic respiratory impairment. In others it is an intermittent illness marked by episodic symptoms that may result from a number of triggering events, including upper respiratory infection, stress, airborne allergens, air pollutants (such as smoke or traffic fumes), or exercise. Some or all of the following symptoms may be present in those with asthma: dyspnea, wheezing, stridor, coughing, an inability for physical exertion. Some asthmatics that have severe shortness of breath and tightening of the lungs never wheeze or have stridor and thir symptoms may be confused with a COPD-type disease.

There is no known cure for asthma. Most individuals with asthma, use an inhaler to increase their oxygen intake during an episode. To decrease your asthma episodes you can opt for Ozone Therapy. Ozone kills anaerobic organisms that cause asthma, delivers oxygen to the body, clears out lungs and combats fatigue. For more benefits on Ozone Therapy, click here.

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