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[Infographic] Why Kids Need More Sleep

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Children at every age aren’t getting enough sleep. In fact, they average 1.5 hours less than the recommended amount every night. While there are likely a lot of individual reasons for this discrepancy, it still has the ability to severely affect each child as they grow and development.

Sleep is the key to a child’s physical, mental and emotional health. Slumber allows a child’s muscles and bones to rebuild and grow, and the body to update its systems. Stress and anxiety levels lower, as well as the chances of developing illness or long-term disease. High-quality sleep also affects a child’s ability to focus in school and learn new material.

Here are some tips to make sure your kids are getting the sleep they need:

  • Set up a calming bedroom environment. This may include a nightlight or more comfortable bed to help your child fall asleep more quickly. Also, consider a humidifier or classical music to help create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Avoid caffeine. Soda or energy drinks after dinner can interrupt your child’s natural sleep rhythms by keeping them up late into the night.
  • Start a routine. Make sure your child is always in bed at a consistent time to keep their internal clock on schedule. A sticker chart might help encourage them to stick to the plan and stay on track.
  • Opt for ozone therapy. Ozone therapy increases the oxygen levels in your body, improves blood circulation and relieves stress, which all aids in a better night’s rest. Ozone also helps improve memory and concentration. Visit a spa / clinic in your area or purchase your own ozone sauna. Ozone can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Sleep-needs vary from one child to another, but here are some recommended guidelines for how much sleep children in each age group should be getting.

Editor[Infographic] Why Kids Need More Sleep

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