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Ozone Therapy and Poor Blood Circulation


Ozone Therapy and Poor Blood Circulation

A common cause of poor blood circulation in legs, is peripheral vascular disease, or PVD. This term refers to disorders involving blood vessels outside, or on the periphery, of the heart. PVD can involve peripheral arteries (blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart) or peripheral veins (blood vessels that carry blood toward the heart).

When PVD involves the arteries, it is known as peripheral artery disease, or PAD. A fatty substance called plaque builds up and hardens on the walls of the peripheral arteries, making it difficult for blood to properly flow through. The plaque takes years to build up, which is why older adults are more at risk.

If you have poor blood circulation in your legs, symptoms usually develop gradually:

  • In the early stages, you may experience cramping or fatigue in the legs, buttocks or feet during activity. The pain, whether it’s leg pain, lower leg pain or foot pain, usually diminishes with rest, but will reoccur.
  • You may experience tired, aching feet, or swollen feet/legs.
  • You may also have cramping that occurs in your legs and feet when you are sleeping or immobile for extended periods of time.
    In addition, you can incur such symptoms as ‘cold feet,’ or feet that ‘fall asleep.’ Frequent suffering with cold feet and/or cold hands usually signifies that your circulation, or blood flow from your heart, has slowed. This may especially happen at night when you are trying to sleep, during periods of immobility or after eating certain foods.
  • People who have very poor blood circulation may also develop a blood clot, a sudden blockage in blood that can cause severe leg pain. This blood clot, known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), develops in a deep vein, and can occur when a vein is damaged or if blood flow slows down or stops completely. If you’re obese and/or over age 40, you’re at particular risk for DVT.

Ozone Therapy can help improve your blood circulation as it can clear plaque from the arteries, strengthen arterial walls, neutralise toxins and impurities, boost immune system, clean the lungs and increase oxygen levels in the blood. Ozone Therapy can also help fight heart disease and can help prevent high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

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Louise PyperOzone Therapy and Poor Blood Circulation

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  • ron smythe - Jun 19, 2017

    Do you have any clinical study data or papers on the use of Ozone to treat blood clots ? Can you refer me to any credible research that has been done ?
    Thank you,
    Ron Smythe

  • Admin - Jun 20, 2017

    Hi Ron,

    We have responded to you via email, please be on the lookout for it.


    Salvagente Team

  • Donna nuss - Jul 21, 2018

    My son25 yrs old has the legs of an old man….he is marbled with vericose veins and had them stripped when he was 18. His ankles are black and wears full length compression stockings to ease the pain. He has been on blood thinners to try and break up clots. Can ozone theatment help his circulation? Many thanks and if so can you recommend a place in Toronto Canada that offers this treatment?

  • Admin - Jul 23, 2018

    Hi Donna,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Yes we have had quite a number of people where ozone therapy assisted with improved blood circulation as well as a reduction in veins displaying.

    Our office will also be reaching out with further information via email.


    Salvagente Team

  • Ethan Sip - Nov 3, 2019

    Good afternoon, I damaged one of the main arteries in my leg in a snow board accident causing it to close so I now have limited blood flow to my lower leg.
    Would Ozone therapy help in my case? Thanks!

  • Admin - Nov 4, 2019

    Good day Ethan,

    With the limited info you provided we do believe ozone therapy will assist, but our office will be reaching out to request further information via email and provide support.


    Salvagente Team

  • Vince - Nov 18, 2019

    Can ozonated water be used for peripheral artery disease (blockage between groin and knee right leg). Person is likely to require surgery. Do you have any guidelines/instructions for this.

  • Admin - Nov 18, 2019

    Good day Vince,

    Please expect an email from our advisors. We suggest you would need something stronger and more effective than just ozonated water.


    Salvagente Team

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