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The downfalls of overtired employees

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Employees are the backbone of your business and the best way to ensure that your employees continue to help your business succeed is to ensure that they get the restful sleep that they need. In the visual below, SleePare has examined not only the downfalls of having overtired employees but the things that you can do as an employer to help your employees get a better night’s sleep.


Did you know that employees tend to overwork themselves and miss out on important sleep because they are often trying their hardest to be more productive. However, losing sleep can ruin your business even when they are trying their best to help the business succeed.

Cost to Company

In fact, employees losing out on sleep can result in workplace accidents and an increase in missed days, all things that can absolutely destroy your business. According to research, overtired employees often have work-related injuries that can cost your business more than $40,000 a year in worker’s compensation claims.

What you can do to help

If you want to help your employees to get the rest that they need, one thing that you can do is to encourage employees to take paid time off. PTO is one benefit that you can institute in your business that will help employees catch up on their sleep. Oftentimes, when employees aren’t missing sleep to do more work to help your business succeed they are often staying up late to take care of their families and other obligations.

Ozone Therapy

Regular ozone therapy can do wonders for your employees too. Ozone helps relieve stress, improves blood circulation and promotes cellular respiration. All aiding in a better, deeper and more peaceful sleep. How about boosting workplace health by offering vouchers for ozone therapy sessions at a spa or clinic in your area for interested employees?


It is important to encourage your employees to take better care of themselves.  Help them improve their wellness and give them paid time off, so they can help their families, catch up on sleep and even do the things that they enjoy. This will help reduce stress, so when they return to work they can be much more productive.

The True Cost of Sleep Deprived Employees

EditorThe downfalls of overtired employees

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