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The Truth About Skin Cancer


Skin cancer is a serious issue in the world of cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, over the past three decades, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined. One person dies of melanoma every hour (every 54 minutes). On average, a person’s risk for melanoma doubles if he or she has had more than five sunburns.

Shocking isn’t it? The main cause of skin cancer is the sun, thus we have to be more vigilant when it comes to time spent in the sun. There are multiple ways to protect yourself. Firstly the best way is to limit time spent in the sun. In a beautiful country like South Africa, this can be quite a challenge and in most cases impossible. The second option is protection. There are multiple products on the market, but make sure to buy the best quality. Use an SPF higher than 30. If you are spending more than an hour in the sun, you have to apply generous amounts of sun screen multiple times throughout the day. Read the directions on the label carefully.

Purchase a sun hat which will add extra protection to your face, neck and shoulders. When spending time in the sun wear a light, long sleeve top. You get tops that are specifically made for this reason but a light cotton loose fitting top also does the job.

Using tan bed, in my personal opinion, is not a good idea. We all strive to look like a Brazilian beauty on the beach, but we should stop this superficial race to the idea of ultimate beauty and be happy with our own bodies and skin types/ colour. We are all beautiful in our own way, embrace it. If you have a darker skin tone, or if you never get sun burnt that doesn’t mean that you are exempt from the effects of the sun. We all should focus more on how we treat our skin, which is the biggest external organ of the human body.

To help reduce the harm the sun has caused. You can opt for Ozone Therapy. Using an Ozone Sauna once or twice a week can drastically improve your overall wellbeing. Ozone Therapy can help fight inflammation, soften skin, reduce scarring, improve blood circulation, neutralizes toxins and impurities in the body, purifies the blood, increases white blood cell production, prevents and combats cancer cells and Ozone Therapy can also help combat the side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy.

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EditorThe Truth About Skin Cancer

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  • Dawn Flaherty - June 28, 2018

    The sun does NOT cause cancer. The chemical laden sunscreens people lather on before they go into the sun cause cancer and yes getting sunburns can increase the chances. Too much of a good thing can always be bad, but you are instructing people to apply large amounts of toxic chemicals to their body or stay out of the sun! The sun provides vitamin D which is crucial for life and cancer prevention. Chemicals cause cancer.
    At the least, change your statements to direct people to safer times they should go into the sun and to use chemical free, natural sunscreen.

  • Louise Pyper - June 29, 2018

    Thank you for your comment Dawn. I’m sorry that you experienced our blog in a negative way.

    We try our best to do adequate research before posting a blog. We only use reliable sources like for example, as per this blog, information from the Skin Cancer Foundation (South Africa & USA). We have no reason to doubt the prevention methods, suggestions and claims of these healthcare specialists.

    Our blogs are merely guidelines to better health and wellness.

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