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Why choose Quinoa?

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We have posted quite a few quinoa recipes. But I think we haven’t introduced you properly. So, what is Quinoa? Quinoa, pronounced [KEEN-wah], looks similar to couscous and can be eaten in salads, desserts or be a substitute for rice.

Quinoa is very popular in the vegetarian community as it is high in protein and other nutrients. Quinoa is also gluten free. Quinoa dates back to 3000BC and was mostly found in South America. Quinoa is a very robust plant and can grown is almost any region. It can survive heat, high altitudes, thin or cold air, little rain, sandy or salty soil and can even survive sub-freezing temperatures. Thus this little plant was part of the South American peoples staple diet.

Quinoa is high in nutrients especially proteins and can benefit your health because it can:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve constipation as it contains twice the fiber content of any other grain.
  • Improve red cell production due to high iron content
  • Improve tissue repair and growth due to Lysine content.
  • Rich in magnesium, which can reduce chances of developing diabetes.
  • Rich in antioxidants, which will improve energy levels and improve vitality.

Quinoa can be cooked and eaten to replace rice, it can be ground and made into flour for pastry, breads and other convections. Getting quinoa into your diet is not very difficult or too expensive.

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Why should you not choose to add quinoa to your daily diet?


Louise PyperWhy choose Quinoa?

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