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The importance of stretching

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And it’s official, most of us are back to work. Gone are the days of sleeping in, doing what you want whenever we want, binge eating and in the case of all South Africans, soaking up the beautiful African sun.

The first few weeks of work is always the best, you are super motivated, full of energy and kinda happy to be back even though no one ever says it out loud. BUT this year will be different from the ones before, this year you are not only going to work on your health at home, NOW you are going to add healthy living at work.

We sit on average 10 hours a day. Being immobile for multiple hours on end can be very bad for your health. Not only does sitting increase your chances of gaining weight, it also cuts off blood supply to your legs, slows your metabolism, slows blood circulation, weakens posture and irritates muscles.

People who sit all day are 40% more likely to die than people who have more active/ standing jobs. SO, this year we are going to add stretching to our work day. It is very important to stretch throughout the day. Below is an InfoGraphic of stretches you can do right at your desk. For those of you who have your own office this will be easy. For those of you who don’t care what other people think, this will be a breeze. But for those of you without your own office and if you are incapable of stretching at your desk, these exercises may have to be adjusted.

You can do stretches privately in the bathroom or you can even have a quick walk to the common room or cafeteria. Just as long as you are moving througout the day. Make it your own.

To help improve your health you can also opt for Ozone Therapy. By using an Ozone Sauna for only 30 minutes a day, you can increase your blood circulation, improve muscle health, improve bone health, reduce chances of heart disease, reduce chances of diabetes and loose up to 500 calories per session. There are more the 100 Health Benefits of Ozone Therapy.

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The importance of stretching

EditorThe importance of stretching

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