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The science of vitamins and the body

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We all need vitamins and minerals to help our body grow and develop. When we are deprived of these nutrients our body will lash out in different ways.

How to know when you are lacking vitamins?

Cracks in the corner of your mouth?

  • Deficiency: Iron, Zinc and vitamin B
  • Source: Salmon, tuna, poultry, eggs, clams, peanuts and lentils

Hair loss or red scaly patches on your face?

  • Deficiency: Biotin or Vitamin B7
  • Source: Salmon, mushrooms, avocado, soybeans, raspberries, bananas and cauliflower

Acne-like spots on your arm or legs?

  • Deficiency: Vitamin A and D
  • Source: Sardines, salmon, nuts, flax seed, chai and hemp.

Numbness in feet, legs and arms?

  • Deficiency: Most B vitamins
  • Source: Asparagus, beets, spinach, mussels, oysters, clams and poultry

Severe pain in calves and feet?

  • Deficiency: Potassium, magnesium and Calcium
  • Source: Hazelnuts, almonds, bananas, cherries, squash, apples, spinach and kale

To improve vitamin and mineral absorption in your body you can go for Ozone Steam Therapy. Ozone has proven to not only aid in absorption but also improving blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, purifies toxin and impurities in the blood and increases oxygen levels in the blood.

Will you take action when it comes to your health?

The science of vitamins and the body

Louise PyperThe science of vitamins and the body

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