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Kindness and your health

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As you all know, Salvagente not only sells ozone saunas, we are also advocates for healthy living and overall wellness. Ozone therapy is a great, non-invasive way to improve your overall health and wellness.

Ozone therapy has shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, to name a few. “How is this possible?” you may ask, well, ozone therapy increases the oxygen levels in your blood, which boosts the immune system. When you immune system is strong, your body is up for any fight, being it emotional or physical. Ozone therapy also improves brain activity and neutralises toxins and impurities in the body. Ozone therapy has over 100 health benefits.

Ozone therapy is not a quick and easy fix to all your ailments. It is a lifestyle choice and should be part of your daily life until the end. Our bodies and minds are constantly bombarded with unwanted toxins and seemingly impossible challenges, thus we need to change our daily living. The duration of an ozone therapy session is only 30 minutes. You can visit a local spa/ clinic or you can enjoy a quick session in the comfort of your own home. Together with a daily ozone therapy session, you will also have to adjust your diet. No, that does not mean you have to live on salads and smoothies. A well balanced diet is just that, balanced. We posted a handy guide to portion control a while ago which discusses the appropriate portions for each food group.

It is best to stay away from fast & fried foods, high sugar candy and soda. If like me, you have a sweet tooth, instead of eating sugary sweets every day choose one special day in the week where you can enjoy your favourite piece of candy. When buying any of the above mentioned ‘danger foods’, always choose the smaller option.

Lastly, a super great way to improve your overall well-being is to be kind. In the world we live in today so much has become tainted with rudeness, bad client service and trickery. We forget that this is OUR life and we only have one. Each and every one of us can make the choice to improve our lives by being kind no matter what you get in return. Kindness won’t cost you a thing, but it can be priceless to someone who needs it.

EditorKindness and your health

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