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The key to Happiness

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We all strive to be happy. In truth we can all be happy. Yes, some of us will have to endure steeper hills and darker roads, but this should only make you stronger not withhold you from happiness.

What is happiness? Is it a spring in your step, a feeling of butterflies in the stomach or is it an everlasting smile? Well, not either one of these. If you look at these “symptoms”, they can be caused by anything from being in love, feeling positive or motivated. Happiness is much deeper than a feeling, it is a way of live.

Happiness can be defined in terms of living a good life or flourishing in your career or family life. We all have different dreams and goals and where some are happy living a normal life others strive for bigger, more challenging things. This does not make one person’s happiness greater than the other. A pauper can be just happy as a prince.

Some of us have everything we want, but still can’t seem to be happy. This can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits, limited exercise or hormonal imbalances. The first step you can take is to see your GP to rule out any blood disorders or hormonal imbalances. The second step is to take a good hard look at your diet. Are you eating high carb foods, processed meat, high levels of sugar or sodium?

It is important to: 

  • Eat fruits & vegetables daily.
  • Drink about 1,5 liters – 2 liters of water a day.
  • Get about 30 minutes of exercise daily.
  • Eat smaller meals 4-6 times a day.
  • Do not eat take aways
  • Stay away from fizzy drinks
  • Do not buy ready made meals, rather prepare meals form scratch with fresh produce.

To improve your happiness you can start doing Ozone Therapy. Ozone Therapy will help detox your body and get rid of any damage an unhealthy lifestyle has had. Ozone will also help fight depression, anxiety, stress and hormonal imbalances. It will also improve vitamin and mineral absorption, increase oxygen in the blood, improve brain function and improve your overall health.

Will you be a happier?

The key to happiness

Louise PyperThe key to Happiness

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